Daka Mkwanja Benefit

  1.     Daka Mkwanja Benefit

Driven by its mission of “Providing quality social security benefits and customer oriented services to members”, GEPF has considered one group of its members who require “…customer oriented service…”. This group is made of the Central and Local Government employees who are employed and posted in remote locations. This group requires immediate financial support when they report in their work stations, to enable this group settle in their work station and provide services to the public, Daka Mkwanja Benefit is offered to this group.


This benefit should be in the form of current partial withdrawal, charged 10% simple interest and payable within 24 months.  The amounts advanced should be equivalent to two months’ salary. This benefit is a major differentiator from other Funds, it is offered at simple interest and the graduation period is only two months.


Mode of payment

The Daka Mkwanja benefit is provided once to central and local government fresh employees who have reported to work. To get confirmation of their reporting, they must contribute to the Fund for two consecutive months. This benefit is repayable within twenty four months and is charged a simple 10% interest.


Amount payable

The Daka Mkwanja amount payable is two months members’ basic salary.


The eligibility Criteria

i)           Be a GEPF member who has been contributing for two months consecutively but not more than six months.

ii)         Be a public service employee in the Central or Local Government

iii)        Submit all the required documentations per the forms issued by the Fund

iv)        Employer shall guarantee monthly deductions from employee salary to        GEPF deduction code,

v)         1/3 of members’ salary shall be considered according to labour Act before disbursement of the benefit.


Download Daka Mkwanja Application Form