Education Loan

  1.     Education Loan - “Kamata Madigrii na GEPF”

GEPF believes that its success among other things is measured by how much it has made its members prosper through making their life better. Enabling members upgrade their levels of education and profession is a sure way of making better the life of members.  This loan is provided for the purpose of enabling members pay for their school, college and university fees. The loan is payable directly to the college where the member has been admitted.



Mode of payment

The loan is payable directly to the college where the member has been admitted.


Amount payable

The issued loan is equal to the charged fee per the fee structure of the University/institution where the member has been admitted. Depending on the fee structure, the disbursed amount is limited to 100% of two years of contributions of the member in the Fund.


The eligibility Criteria

The following are the qualification conditions

i)             Member should be confirmed by employer,

ii)            Member should have an admission from University within or outside the         country by University/Institution accredited by Tanzania Commission of       Universities (TCU),

iii)           Member should produce fee structure of the University/institution          admitted,

iv)           Member should have contributed to the Fund for the period of not less                         than 2 years,

v)            Member should have a permission from the employer to undertake       studies,

vi)           Employer shall guarantee monthly deductions from employee salary to            GEPF/TPB deduction code,

vii)         1/3 of members salary shall be considered before disbursement of the             loan,

viii)        Fees amount will be disbursed annually subject to passing of examinations; in case of discontinuing/Absconding, the maximum amount disbursed to   that date will form the total loaned amount.

ix)           Loan amount may be restructured based on other factors that may                    necessitate the changes but will be subjected to additional guarantee and          fulfillment of 1/3 rule.

x)            Duration of the loan will vary from 2-5 years depending on the course undertaken by the loan recipient.

xi)           The member must have completed a minimum of two years since completion of the previous loan.



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