Martenity Benefits

  1. 1.    Maternity Benefit - “Lea kwa Ufahari na GEPF”

Maternity benefit is one of an important benefit offered by GEPF to compensate for the income loss of its women members which results from the child birth.  The compensation comes from the fact that mothers are not able to work for limited periods of time during the child birth.  Although most women continue receiving their salaries during the maternity leave, they are faced with the additional costs associated with the child birth such as need for special meals, additional house maids, clothing for the child and if the member had extra income apart from the salary she cannot earn it; so GEPF compensates its members and enables them to meet these extra costs.


Mode of payment

GEPF maternity benefit is a lump sum cash payment. This payment is made immediately after the child birth. If not paid immediately it can be claimed within six months of the child birth.


Amount payable

GEPF pays cash maternity benefit equal to 42% of the member’s weekly basic salary for 14.3 weeks of the maternity leave.  In other words, this payment is effectively equal to 140% of the employee’s basic salary.


The eligibility Criteria

The following are the qualification criteria:

i)          A member shall qualify for maternity benefit provided she has contributed to the Fund for a minimum of continuous eighteen months prior to the birth of the child.


ii)         The benefit is payable after every thirty six months from the day when the last payment or the last child was born.  In the event the child dies within a period of twelve months after birth, the member will be eligible for maternity benefit.


iii)       The member should present to the Fund the birth registration certificate issued from an accredited medical provider certifying that the woman has delivered a child. 


iv)       Where the child dies within a period of twelve months after birth, the member should present to the Fund the death certificate of the previous child as a condition to qualify for the next maternity benefit if claimed before elapsing of 36 months period..